Pacific Stars and Stripes, March 19, 1953

Supplies For Korea Cripples Will Arrive Within 2 Months, Team Official Promises

TOKYO, Mar. 19 (Pac. S&S)- Dr. Howard A. Rusk, studying the problems of South Korea's war maimed, said today supplies for the republic's cripples will begin being delivered within two months.
Rusk, chairman of the six-member American-Korean Foundation fact-finding team, also stated that a second group of researchers from the foundation would journey to Korea in mid-summer.
Dr. Milton S. Eisenhower, president of Penn State college and a brother of President Eisenhower, will head this second mission. Dr. Eisenhower is chief of the American-Korean Foundation.
THE SECOND party will be made up of key agricultural and industrial personnel, Rusk said in an address in Tokyo Army Hospital this morning after a tour of the wards.
Rusk is a chairman of the department of medicine and rehabilitation, New York University-Bellevue Medical center and New York Times medical editor.
The six-member mission he heads returned to Tokyo last night after an intensive eight-day swing through Korea, studying more than 50 hospitals, orphanages, and other institutions throughout the war-torn republic.
The American-Korean foundation, a non-political non-sectarian organization, expects to begin helping amputees, the blind, orphans, and other South Korean handicapped within 60 days.