Adoption through 1954


Photos and Stories

Korean Lad Flying to U.S., Dec 11, 1955
Devildogs Want Tot, PS&S,, Oct. 7, 1950
No. 1 Sargy, Sambo Plan Life Together, PS&S, Oct 30, '50
Korean Boy Starts For U.S., PS&S,Sept 23, 1952
Orphan Awaits Trip to New Family,PS&S,Oct 3, 1952
Foster Parents Meet Korean Waif, PS&S,Nov. 26 1952
Adopted Korean arrives in States, PS&S
Navy Men-"Commodore Jimmy" Smile, PS&S
Navy Chief, Waif, Arrive in States, PS&S
Adopted Korean Boy's Entry to US Cleared, PS&S
Orders Halted As War Orphan Arrives, PS&S
US Bill to Permit Entry of Adopted Tots, PS&S
Cold Lad Wins Warm Home, PS&S
Bill would Allow Special Entry for Adopted, PS&S
Adopted Children Entry Bill Moves, PS&S
Lad's Woes Near End, PS&S
Legless Korean Waif at Boys Town, PS&S
Korean Orphan To Visit NY, PS&S
Happy Boy, PS&S
Last Promise of Soldier Fulfilled, PS&S
VIP Treatment for Song Yong Cho, PS&S
Footless Korean Waif Grows Normally, PS&S
Koreans/Japanese Fill 1/4 of Orphan Quota, PS&S
Sergeant Adopts Korean Orphan, PS&S
Immigration Troubles Hit Sailor, Orphan, PS&S
Tot Sails for US Home With Officer, PS&S
Navy Chief Wins Visa for Adopted Korean, PS&S
Boston Places Official Bid for Korean Orphan, PS&S
Legalities Snarl Adoption Plans, PS&S
Adopted Korean Orphan in US, PS&S
Yank Presses US Embassy For Help, PS&S
First Meeting - Orphan Lee Kyung Soo, PS&S
Korean Boy's Parents OK Adoption , PS&S
500 Orphan Visas Available, PS&S
Korean Lad Now American Citizen, PS&S
Welcome: Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp, PS&S
Korean Orphan Awaits Visa to US Home, PS&S
Soldier Wins Adopted Son's US Entry, PS&S
Beauchamps Adopt Korean Orphan, PS&S
Korean Girl, 13, Awaits Rotation, PS&S
Utah Guardsmen Adopt Korean Youth, 19., PS&S
Korean Waif Celebrates American Birthday, PS&S
False Legs Boost Lad, PS&S
Photo caption:Mrs Beauchamp greets orphan, PS&S
Tough Sergeant Babies Orphan on Trip Home, PS&S
Cookies for Jimmy Raynor, PS&S
Paul Raynor with son Jimmy, PS&S
GI Takes orphan to U.S. [Raynor and Krenzer], PS&S
Orphan Goes From Korea to Carolina Classroom, PS&S
Korean Orphan Arrives in U.S. With New Dad, PS&S
George Cruz Ascom, PS&S
Korean Vet and Buddy Return, PS&S
Reunion, PS&S
Korean Orphan Meets Gen. MacArthur, PS&S
Illness Cancels Orphan's Yule, PS&S
Marine Aranges Adoption of Waif, PS&S
One ROK Kid, One Dollar: FA Unit Buys Happiness, PS&S
Waif Grows Happy, Healthy With Yanks, PS&S
Sergeant Makes Education Possible for Korean Boy, PS&S
Veteran Greets Adopted Korean Orphan in U.S., PS&S
Adopted Korean Moves Into 24th., PS&S
Too Near Draft Age, PS&S
Navy Chief Wins Visa, PS&S
Vet and Buddy Return, PS&S
Korean Orphan Awaits Visa to US Home, PS&S
Boys' Town Bound, PS&S
Second Waif Eyes Boys' Town, PS&S
Footless Korean Waif Grows Normally, PS&S
Chief Stymied in Battle, PS&S
At Ease, PS&S
Pride of the Paladinos, PS&S