Korean War Children's Memorial.

Photo Courtesy of Gabette Andres

Korean War Children’s Memorial in Bellingham, WA.
Dedicated 27 July 2003.

This web site honors the American servicemen and women who, during the Korean War and the years following, rendered compassionate humanitarian aid to the children of that war torn nation. It is estimated that US forces in Korea saved the lives of over 10,000 children and helped sustain over 50,000 in more than 400 orphanages built or repaired by the servicemen. With an income averaging less than $100 a month they contributed over two million dollars in those war years. They called for help from family, neighbors and friends back home which resulted in the shipment to Korea of thousands of tons of material aid such as toys, tools, medicines, food, clothing and other items for the children and their care givers.

This web site, currently consisting of over 1,500 pages, is the most comprehensive collection of historical material dealing with the relationship of our Armed Forces and the children of Korea during the years of the Korean War and following. 

There are actually two stories here: one is the historical story of what happened in Korea in the early part of the 1950s.  The other is the story about the story, i.e., the process of gathering this information and the public reaction, in Korea and in the USA, to the publication of that historical story. 

The last part to be written and posted on these pages will be my analysis of all this material and its meaning to folks in the US and Korea. 

Little did I know, when I began the research for this web site, the number of lives that I would touch, in the USA and in Korea, the number of letters or phone calls from persons in tears having found a story about a loved one included in the stories that were posted here.  There were also shocks to discover fraud and abuse of the children.  Unconscionable behavior by some high ranking US Military officers will be revealed in these stories.  Mainly, though, the stories and the stories about the stories confirm the term characterizing our Armed Forces in Korea in the 1950s as "An Army of Compassion."


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George F. Drake, PhD, Coordinator,

Korean War Children's Memorials USA and Korea.

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